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22 February 2022

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The spirit of music, Pà Krhaizar life tradition

The spirit of music always dwells at Pà Krahizar

Since the end of the 19th century, the spirit of music has always been at Pà Krhaizar.

The Pà Krhaizar House was built in 1800: it was built completely in stone like all the houses of the wealthy families of Sauris. The property belonged to the Lucchini family: 10 sons. 5 became priests and 5 notaries, all transferred to the Veneto or missionaries around the world.
Sold to Giovanni Lucchini known as “Krhaizarle”, the house took the name Pà Khraizar (“by Krhaizar”). Here there was always a party: violin and accordion music, demijohns of wine, dancing and lots of fun!
Even when Krhaizarle moved in the 1980’s, parties continued to be held here. Then one day it was sold, renovated and became an inn. However, everything remained original: the large wooden beams of the roof, the stone structure, the small windows, the iron grates, the “plotn” stone floor (torrent stone), the furniture and furnishings all in fir and original Carnic style.

The soul of music dwells in the house of the Krhaizar

I felt that the spirit of the place was music and joy and that these continued to dwell at Pà Krhaizar: its ancient sign portrays – a man with a violin in his hand and a glass in the other – was calling me.
So in 1997 I bought it, fixed the roof, modernized the bathrooms, keeping intact the original historical value of the property.
The last of the sons of the “Krhaizarle”, Riccardo, loved to came back and visit me once a year. He loved to share old memories about the house: he was happy that the Pà Krhaizar was still inhabited and open to everyone and I am proud to  carry on the original spirit of the place .

The spirit of music at Pà Krhaizar: the tradition continues

The house of Krhaizar – today the cozy hotel Pà Krhaizar, “from Krhaizar” – was famous for its music.
At carnival the rooms were cleared and for a whole week people come in order to play accordion and violin , dancing, drinking and having fun together.
Today we continue to preserve that spirit organizing exclusive events of live music. It is our way to cultivate the right feeling and nurture always new seasons of well-being, good feelings and good life!
The door is open, we are waiting for you!
Antonella Petris & Staff
Albergo Pà Krhaizar.
Lateis of Sauris
Tel. 0433.81665

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