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07 June 2018

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Ristorante Peickele / at RiglarHaus

Only 100 meters away from us you can find the Peickele, the famous restaurant of Paola Schneider where it is possible to taste all the flavours of Sauris’ mountains. We can book it for you, you only need to nod.

During Winter, in the welcoming dining room with the typical “fogolar”, during Summer In the fresh veranda, you will be able to taste our specialities, prepared with fresh products and cooked according to tradition. Using genuine ingredients is the main characteristic of the Peickele restaurant. The primal matters come from local farmers and breeders, each day, fresh and of the highest quality.

Prosciutto, mushrooms and herbs contribute to season the first dishes like gnocchi, risotto or minestrone soup, but even tasty second dishes. You have to taste the dunkatle, the ricotta cream with polenta, the frico and cjarsons. If you would like to taste the traditional cuisine of Sauris, but also light and tasty dishes, choose the Peickele. If you would like to nook the Peickele, we will reach out Paola for you, so she will have a special care for you.


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