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About Us

Welcome Hello to all! I’m Antonella. I always lived in Sauris and I’m the owner of the house Pa ‘Krhaizar.

I’m are part of a local family, which produces ham for generations. I love my family, my earth, nature, the houses of the place, my people and the authentic and profound values. I love cooking, holistic disciplines and manual work.

I’ve always wanted to work in tourism, so I took the opportunity of Meuble Pa’ Krhaizar to give strength to the ancient tradition of hospitality in Sauris, along with my daughters Silvia and Fulvia. The Pa’ Krhaizar is an old stone house, a typical house Sauris, warm, cozy, quiet and with a discrete and confidential atmosphere. It’s been skillfully restored at the end of the ’80s, furnished with antiques of the local culture, and still retains the scent of old wood.

Pa’ Krhaizar, a particular name, right? I admit, it is not easy, but we chose to keep it because of it is authenticity; the name comes from the nickname of one of the owners of this house, “Krhaizarle.” He was a good-natured, he loved good wine and partying, and very often here people danced and played the accordion and violin. A happy story of these walls that I did not want to forget!


Ideal for a relaxing holiday; is the right place to make restoring dreams and to enjoy the peace of the place. When you wake up what’s better than a healthy breakfast, made with fresh and tasty products.


We love to give our guests the pleasure to start your day in the best possible way! Guests choose us for quality, looking for a simple life and unsophisticated life. They are sensitive people, who like the way things are, true and genuine.


And that’s why we kept a style of traditional hospitality. It’s a simple but essential style – like nature, to find oneself.


A joyous welcome to our guests!