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What do you find in Sauris


400 souls

A community, distributed in 3 fractions: Sauris di Sopra, Sauris di Sotto and Lateis. We speak Italian and Friulian (or carnico), but we are still proud to know the Saurian, ancient German (900 years), which has been handed down in the family.

Artisans and wood culture

We love working with wood, because it creates warmth and wisdom. Distinguishes our history and our homes since 1200, when our ancestors came from Tyrol and Carinthia. So we love retain manual dexterity. The workshops are always active: S’Louch, the Laboratory Legnostile, Living Wood, the Sawmill Gaetano Schneider, Tessitura Sauris … And in every family it is a passion to create their own wooden objects. It gives meaning to time and it helps us in the reality of which the people from Carnia are proud of, “keep your feet on the ground.”


It’s still wild and home to deer, roe deer, chamois, squirrels, grouse and grouse, raptors of all kinds and from time to time is the transition zone to the brown bear. The flora is still intact, so you can find a nature rich in aromatic and medicinal plants, forests of fir and beech trees that change color in autumn, lawns, flowers and plant species from which our community has taken centuries for the remedies for the welfare and bless you.


Our land is a veritable feast of flavors: the best of Carnia’s smoked ricotta, excellent mountain cheeses, berries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, a craft beer of the highest quality and the cream of Italian hams, the IGP Sauris. Today they have become commodities of our food and recipes that we pass on to preserve our nature and the pleasure of the dining table.


There are traditions that are handed down from generation to generation, traditions that date back to the time when man was still tied to dual mandate with nature, even in its survival. The carnival masks, costumes, local festivals; every season offers ideas for a typical event. Discover the diary. Discover the origins and the light spirit of pleasure and well-being in the company.

History of the mountain

Everything you find in Sauris has its historical roots. From huts to the architecture of the houses. If you want to know our traditions, visit the Ethnographic Center “Haus van der Zahre” (House of Sauris) which often offers special exhibits, the Museum of historiography of St Oswald or the Municipal Library. The memory of the mountain is one of the values ​​that we want to cherish.

New energy for your free time

Sauris retains the charm and magic of the unspoiled mountain. Discover the magic of walks along the paths that lead to the many mountain huts, to the lake, but also at high altitude, in the shelter. Paths dedicated to those who enjoy walking and Nordic walking, Mountain Biking, horse-riding, renting a quad or venture into Canyoning. In winter it is possible to make snowmobile- or snowshoe-tours, but the main sport in Sauris remains downhill- or cross-country skiing and who loves ice-skating finds an rink with bar, music and wellness center. It’s equally important to enjoy a healthy relaxation and recovery time and for this there are two spas, the Wulfenia and Zhare Engel.  

Il pensiero di Antonella

A chi suggerisci Sauris? A chi ama scoprire viaggiando, a chi cerca un posto per ritrovare se stesso. E’ come sentirsi a casa, recuperando i piaceri della vita e le energie della natura.

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Alcuni spunti per chi sa quello che vuole (e che trova a Sauris)

  • Una cosa alla volta
  • Sguardi positivi di persone che incontri per strada
  • Valori umani
  • Cibi naturali
  • Natura ancora naturale
  • Nessuna moda
  • Persone consapevoli
  • Salute
  • Benessere
  • Tempo che scorre lentamente
  • Silenzio
  • Profumo dell’aria pura
  • Orologio solare
  • Cellulare è solo un organismo
  • Internet (si, a quel paese)

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